Friday, 12 July 2024

US Telemedicine Platform “Drs.OnCalls” enters India; First App to provide real-time 24x7 tele-consultation with Doctors globally

Buying, Selling or Renting any healthcare equipment or medicines is now possible by a single tab only through the “Drs.OnCalls” application

Drs.OnCalls, a US-based leading telemedicine platform has announced its strategic expansion into the Indian market. Having already established its significant presence in multiple countries, Drs.OnCalls is now aiming to bring a profusion of expertise and experience to India's growing telemedicine sector. The company is committed to providing convenient, accessible, and high-quality healthcare services to individuals across India.

Drs.OnCalls characterizes itself as the first telemedicine app in India to provide real-time consultation services 24x7 with the world’s renowned doctors and healthcare experts. It will open up a window of high-quality healthcare services transcending geographical constraints for consumers looking to seek world class medical advice from the comfort of their homes in India. This ground-breaking feature unlocks a multitude of possibilities, empowering patients with access to advanced medical expertise regardless of their geographic location.  Expansion plans as per Mary Gorder, Founder & CEO, Drs.OnCalls: “We are excited to introduce Drs.OnCalls; telemedicine solutions in India, aiming to connect patients with top healthcare experts worldwide, round the clock. Our dedication to quality, accessibility, and will transform healthcare delivery, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their well-being. We are committed to forging strong partnerships and collaborating with local stakeholders to create a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape in India”.

Drs.OnCalls has already made an engrossing advancement in establishing a strong healthcare network in the country. The company ensures a wide range of medical expertise accessible to users by assembling numerous leading healthcare providers, doctors, and medical suppliers under a single platform. Through its platform, patients can seamlessly connect with healthcare professionals, doctors, pharmacies, and labs for real-time doctor consultations to book appointments and buy or rent medical equipment from the comfort of their homes.  

Drs.OnCalls understands the significance of prompt healthcare access and in line with its dedication to accessibility, the company provides seamless healthcare support 24x7 through its friendly app. This ensures that individuals have continuous access to medical assistance, regardless of the time or their location.

To set up its footprints in the country and enhance awareness of its telemedicine services, will utilise the targeted marketing campaign strategies. The company will actively pursue collaborations with local healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, and diagnostic centers to expand their network and offer comprehensive healthcare solutions, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing its impact on the Indian healthcare system. Additionally, the company has a strategic objective to penetrate the B2B market by forging alliances with corporate partners. By leveraging established organizations and embracing local expertise, Drs.OnCalls is targeting to cherish the trust and establish a sustainable model that mutually benefits patients and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare needs are now in escalation for the vast population of the country and that presents a remarkable opportunity for Drs.OnCalls to make a profound impact. The company's entry into the Indian market reflects its dedication to expanding its global footprint and providing innovative healthcare solutions to underserved populations worldwide.

Taking steps in India will bring a significant milestone in the company's growth strategy. The company has already established its benchmark in the industry with its rich track record of excellence and a clear vision for the future. With this brand value, the company is poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry in India by offering innovative telemedicine solutions that prioritize patient well-being and convenience.

Published on : 25th September, 2023