Friday, 12 July 2024

BioLizard Unveils "BioVerse" AI Platform for Enhanced Life Sciences R&D

BioLizard is supporting biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to enable data-driven discovery, preclinical, translational and clinical R&D processes

BioLizard, the bioinformatics, data analytics and data management service and consulting company heading digital transformation in the life sciences industry, announced the launch of its new BioVerse platform. Following a strategic decision, the Company will expand its product and services offering to the life sciences R&D community. Via this new platform it will meet the needs for tailored, user-friendly software solutions for data-driven results, targeted towards scientists, with or without IT backgrounds, in biotech and pharma. BioVerse is based on the Company’s intellectual know-how and in-house developed code proven in over 300 client programs.

The platform constitutes three applications: BioReflect, that provides at-a-glance and up-to-date global overviews of publications to support unbiased literature searches; ProBiome, which applies state-of-the art data analytics to microbiome analysis; and BioMx that leverages AI to efficiently integrate and analyse multi-omics datasets to facilitate next generation target and biomarker discovery. BioVerse streamlines these applications to suit any data environment and to provide a bespoke user experience for easy interaction with and interpretation of data. This way, researchers can focus on exploring their own data interactively to identify trends and formulate testable hypotheses quickly and efficiently. By implementing AI-driven solutions, the platform will also make it easier for researchers to capture more insights hidden within their data, reduce expensive wet-lab research and identify selected high-potential targets.

“The need for accelerated drug and biomarker development, alongside the considerable cost-savings from making smart use of data, early on, in preclinical and clinical pipelines, fuels a rapidly increasing demand for AI-driven solutions for life science businesses. BioLizard is experienced in supporting these businesses at every juncture from drug discovery to clinical research and diagnostics. Combining our expertise in AI, data architecture & analytics and biology we solve data challenges and develop bespoke software solutions fully tailored to clients’ needs, enabling genuinely data-driven discovery, preclinical, translational and clinical R&D processes,” commented Liesbeth Ceelen, PhD, CEO of BioLizard. “With our new BioVerse platform, we expand our service and product offering towards an even greater number of clients, realizing our vision of improving the quality and longevity of human life around the world by better leveraging data.”

Paul Vauterin, PhD, CTO and Scientific Advisor at BioLizard, explained: “We strongly believe that creating actionable, data-driven insights in pharma and biotech requires the combination of both computational capabilities and human exploration and collaboration. Our goal with BioVerse is to facilitate both, in a single environment, allowing users to truly become citizen data scientists. We are realizing this via a superior User Experience, underpinned by advanced data science concepts such as Knowledge Graphs.”

Published on : 11th October, 2023