Friday, 08 December 2023

Offering services in the life sciences space - Maypharm Lifesciences

Assisted Brazilian hospitals in sourcing for COVID-19 emergency

Inception- 2017

Location- Mumbai

Domain- Pharma services & Healthcare

Founders- Sameer Kolhe & Ameya Budukh

Total team strength- 9 (in India), 4 (Brazil), 2 (Mexico)

Total funds raised – NA

Investor- HNI

Revenue generated since inception- NA


Key Highlights-

  • 10 GMP clearances by ANVISA, Brazil in India
  • Assisted Brazilian hospitals in sourcing for COVID-19 emergency
  • Launched a natural sugar alternative through e-commerce channels
  • To establish as a specialty pharmaceutical company in Brazil and Mexico
  • To have own portfolio of products commercialized in at least 10 to 12 countries


Founder Speaks-

"We believe that we have created a unique model where we add a lot more value compared to traditional agents or consultants. I am sure there will be similar startups coming up in various domains on similar models. But, we shall be protected in our territories and products where we are investing strategically."

Sameer Kolhe, President, Maypharm Lifesciences, Mumbai



Published on : 27th May, 2022