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Empowering consumers globally to lead healthier and better lives - GOQii

The first company to venture into digital therapeutics that has an advanced health ecosystem

Inception- 2013

Location- US & India (Mumbai)

Domain- Digital healthcare

Founders- Vishal Gondal (Chief Executive Officer); Abhishek Sharma (Chief Operating Officer); Sachin Janghel (Chief Technology Officer) and Champ Alreja (Chief Business Officer)

Total team strength- 250

Total funds raised- NA

Investors- NA

Revenue generated since inception- NA


Key Highlights-

  • The first company to venture into digital therapeutics that has an advanced health ecosystem
  • Consists of a fitness tracker and a care team which includes personal coaches, health experts, doctors and diagnostics
  • Brings all the user health data onto a single platform from which it can be analyzed by the care team
  • Allows for the user to receive personalized health advice as per their lifestyle and habits
  • Provides a health locker- a digital repository that provides unlimited secure cloud storage to keep user’s medical files
  • Personalised ( 1 to 1) Video coaching Fitness Platform for Yoga and Fitness workouts
  • Launched women care solution to track menstruation, pregnancy, predict menstrual cycle, ovulation day, fertile window along with predictions like High/Low/Medium chances of getting pregnant and more
  • Venturing  into ‘outcome-based’ insurance products
  • To conquer international markets, which got delayed due to COVID-19, soon entering the UK and Southeast Asia
  • To team up with local strategic partners including large healthcare firms or insurance companies to make inroads internationally


Founder Speaks-

"Since healthcare has now turned remote and digital due to the pandemic, every person has now become aware of the importance of immunity and at-home healthcare services. It is crucial to develop one’s immunity by working on one’s nutrition, health, and cognition. In the last 12-18 months, we saw massive growth in preventive healthcare services as people became more conscious. With all this and more, we  strongly believe that preventive healthcare is the only viable, long-term, mass-market solution."

Vishal Gondal, Chief Executive Officer, GOQii, Mumbai


Published on : 30th May, 2022