Friday, 12 July 2024

Clirnet brings virtual healthcare services to underserved communities in Africa

Joins forces with High Tide Global to bring global health collaboration

Image Source : Shutterstock

Image Source : Shutterstock

Mumbai-based startup Clirnet has partnered with High Tide Global Inc. to provide virtual doctor services to underserved communities in Africa, Central & Latin America. Together with High Tide Global, Clirnet aims to improve the lives of people in impoverished areas.

The startup boasts of a vast network of 350,000 doctors providing medical assistance in India, Africa, and Southeast Asia. This network enables patients at a local doctor access to global knowledge. Post this collaboration, High Tide Global will be able to extend health services to previously untapped sections of the global population by using Clirnet’s extensive network and virtual consultation capabilities.

The brand’s partnership with High Tide Global will not only enhance healthcare access but also promote knowledge exchange, empowering communities and fostering a healthier future. Currently operating successfully in Uganda, both organisations are working to scale it to other parts of Africa, Central & South America. 

As a prominent NGO based out of Los Angeles, USA, High Tide Global’s mission is to provide access to education and personal empowerment to students worldwide by bringing funding for educational programmes, improved infrastructure, and motivational classes. 

Published on : 07th July, 2023