Monday, 26 February 2024

Longevity Science startup Human Edge raises over $1.5 M capital

Aims to streamline the platform for enterprise-wide mobile app experience and augment growth in international markets

Image credit: HumanEdge

Image credit: HumanEdge

Human Edge, a longevity science startup based in Mumbai, has raised over $1.5 M in new equity financing. The investment was led by Bharat Innovation Fund, along with Lead Angels and Force Ventures and several strategic angel investors from Singapore, the US and India. 

The company is building a proprietary platform for empowering its users to engage in daily 'biohacks'- small, actionable, lifestyle-based modifications that focus on optimising a person’s energy levels toward meeting a specific health outcome. 

 The investment will allow Human Edge to streamline its platform through its first enterprise-wide mobile app experience targeted directly at white-collar employees. Further, the company will scale up their sales in the international market by targeting global corporations. Ashika Capital was an advisor to Human Edge in this process. 

Published on : 30th August, 2022