Sunday, 16 June 2024

Genefitletics Healthtech Secures Impressive Funding to Drive Innovation and Expansion

Genefitletics a health tech startup closes its pre-seed round at valuation of Rs.7.5 Crores

Genefitletics, India’s first Direct to Consumer Microbiome Company, pioneering application of microbial technologies to save human health, has raised an undisclosed amount at pre money valuation of Rs.7.5 Crores from a group of Angels.The company is working on breakthrough discoveries in microbial science, to bridge the gap between scientific advancements and human health. The company’s unique platform- PROTEBA, works at the convergence of microbial sequencing, artificial intelligence & scientific research to develop pipeline of consumer health solutions, precision diagnostics & precision bio therapeutics for promoting better health and longevity.

The process includes collecting biological data from an individual’s biological sample, to analyze human microbial functions at molecular level, and provide category defining interventions to regulate an individual’s biology. The company plans to deploy these funds to further develop a suite of oral microbiome & human genes expression tests as well as launch its own brand of precision biotics. The funds will also be used to further develop machine learning models for human biology, to decode root cause of poor health.

 Sushant Kumar, Founder & CEO of Genefitletics, shares, “Modern healthcare model is rewarded for management of symptoms of chronic diseases, not prevention or cure. Consider this if one acquires an auto immune condition at a young age, he become a lifetime subscriber of a pharmaceutical company. Healthcare system focusses on suppressing immune system rather than finding the root cause of the disease. As a result, people develop more diseases & side effects & are prescribed more drugs. What happens next is a vicious cycle. This disaster started in the early 1800s with the introduction of germ theory. People were living in fear of attack from bacteria, over-sanitized and operated in an antimicrobial approach for reason unknown to them. Unfortunately, these wrong assumptions have create state of health epidemic which we all are facing today. Research has now found that the microbes we were trying to eradicate for over 200 plus years assuming they are harmful for us, hold the key to the future of our health & longevity. With this understanding of the invisible army of microbes living on & within us, we founded Genefitletics to seek help from these microbes to protect, save and restore our health.”

They are also kickstarting an exemplary initiative to address multiple issues surrounding chronic health conditions. Through its Q & A episodes which are going to be streamed live, the company’s science team will take up health related queries & address them with a scientific approach in a layman’s language.The company shall take up upto 5 questions in every episode. The solutions would be published on different social media channels. The first episode will be aired on 3rd May’23. The company has been awarded Chronic Illness Prevention R&D Biotech Company- Asia,2022 by Global Health Pharma & Specialist Biotech Company of the year, CorporateLiveWire, Global Awards, 2022/23. It was also selected as top 10 most promising Life Science startups in India for the year 2021.


Published on : 17th May, 2023