Monday, 26 February 2024

Herself Health, providing primary care to women 65 and over, raises $26M

Empowering Senior Women's Health: Herself Health Secures $26 Million in Funding for Enhanced Primary Care Services

Herself Health joins a group of startups also solving for senior care, including Carewell, Devoted Health, Heal and CarePredict, which announced $29 million in new funding last week for its monitoring of daily activity and behaviors of seniors for early signs of health concerns.

Six months after raising a $7 million seed round, Herself Health is back with some additional venture capital, picking up $26 million in Series A funding, with Michael Cline of Accretive serving as the lead investor. Juxtapose also participated in the round. The company has now raised $33 million to date.

“The company was showing superb traction in patient acquisition and using the seed money to scale to really get a terrific return,” Cline said in an interview. “The most important thing is that we get really terrific talent on the clinical staff and really build out our deep competency in women’s health issues. They have proven the ability to acquire patients, so now it’s just a question of kind of refining both of those over time as they scale.”

With the new funding, Herself Health has plans to expand its footprint in the next 18 months. It will add two more clinics in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region this year and at least one in a new market in 2024, Helton said.


The company is also working on improving its offerings, including delivering virtual care so that follow-up visits can be made digitally if the clinic is too far away. Helton is also expecting to add to its team of physicians, nurses and medical assistants.

“We’ll continue to iterate on and improve our tools for both patients and providers,” she said. “We’re bringing a lot of those resources, technology and communication channels to our practice to make sure we can take the best care of our patients.”

Published on : 21st July, 2023