Friday, 08 December 2023

Clinomic successfully closes a 16 million euro financing round

Clinomic Secures 16 Million Euros in Funding to Accelerate Healthcare Innovation

Clinomic strengthens its position in the medical technology sector: With successfully completed financing round of 16 million euros, the company is focusing on digital healthcare solutions. The medical technology company Clinomic, based in Aachen, Germany, has closed a successful financing round this year. In this round, Sana Kliniken AG and a family office provided funds in addition to existing shareholders. The raised capital will be used for the further growth strategy and the development of new products.

Clinomic Group GmbH, based in Aachen, Germany, was able to close a financing round of approximately EUR 16 million in July 2023. This was made possible by issuing new shares and converting existing loans into equity. The already invested shareholders have again participated in the financing and two new investors join the shareholder group: Sana Kliniken AG and a family office from Luxembourg. Both will hold minority shares in Clinomic.

Technological progress is of high importance for the healthcare industry, especially for Sana. That is why we support innovative companies like Clinomic. Together we are shaping the intensive care unit of the future!

The funds obtained will be used to accelerate digitization in healthcare and optimize processes in intensive care and acute medicine. The management of Sana Kliniken AG assesses the investment positively. The fresh funding will enable Clinomic to further develop its approaches to improving medical care and patient care. Particularly in the area of intensive and acute medical care, the company aims to optimize processes and achieve efficiency gains through technological solutions.

Our goal was to rethink intensive care medicine and radically simplify everyday life in the intensive care unit. The participation of Sana Kliniken AG and the Luxembourg Family Office in this financing round reflects the confidence in Clinomic's strategic direction. The company is now well positioned to achieve its development goals and make a positive contribution to the further development of healthcare.

Back in 2021, we reported on Clinomic's digital assistant Mona. For those who want to develop a deeper understanding of the startup's approach, the article is highly recommended. Founded in 2019 as a spinoff of RWTH Aachen University, Clinomic is an emerging medical technology startup from Aachen, Germany. Led by founders Dr. Arne Peine and Dr. Lukas Martin, the interdisciplinary team has developed Mona, an innovative voice-controlled assistance system for intensive care medicine. This system aims to revolutionize the treatment of critically ill patients by using cutting-edge medical research and AI algorithms. The solution supports physicians and medical staff in making precise decisions, providing evidence-based treatment, and using resources efficiently right at the patient's bedside. Clinomic 2022 has taken a significant step in its evolution by launching Clinomic Group to drive the digital transformation of the hospital and actively contribute to shaping a smart, efficient and resource-driven healthcare system.

Published on : 05th September, 2023