Monday, 26 February 2024

MedLern secures strategic investment from leading medical training providers

Global medical training providers HQR Systems, Inc. and Laerdal Medical head for Indian expansion

In a significant development that sets the stage for a new era in healthcare training in India, the American Heart Association’s subsidiary Healthcare Quality and Research Systems, Inc. (HQRS), and Laerdal Medical (based in Norway) have invested in Bengaluru-based startup Medlern, a full-stack healthcare training platform.

Impelsys, the American Heart Association (Association) and Laerdal have worked closely together for a decade, through a collaboration with Impelsys – MedLern’s parent company. MedLern serves nearly 400 hospitals and over one lakh hospital workers in India, delivering a million hours of training through its innovative solutions.

MedLern is helping improve hospital bottom-lines through driving Nursing Excellence, Service Excellence, Patient Safety and Experience in leading hospitals in the country.  The startup deploys digital tools, content, simulation devices and experts to embed systematic and structured training in Hospital’s business operations.

“India’s healthcare sector needs to leapfrog the world in innovation to create the skilled manpower to serve the largest and most diverse demographic in the world. We need scale and vision. We are seeing hospital leaders break away from an ad-hoc and just-in-time approach to training to adopt our scalable solutions. The new collaborations open up access to an impressive pipeline of healthcare training innovation are we are committed to make this affordable and rewarding for hospital leaders in India,” said Deepak Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, MedLern.

Published on : 31st October, 2023