Monday, 26 February 2024

Cosmos Health Announces Patent Filing for its Obesity and Weight Management Product

Cosmos Health Takes Stride in Battle Against Obesity with Innovative Product: Patent Filing Unveiled

Cosmos Health, a diversified, vertically integrated global healthcare group engaged in innovative R&D, owner of proprietary pharmaceutical and nutraceutical brands, manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products, and operator of a telehealth platform, announced that it has filed a patent application with the European Patent Office (EPO) under reference code PCT/EP2023/083947 (filing date December 1, 2023) for its CCX0722 obesity and weight management product.

This marks an important milestone in the Company's dynamic and growing R&D pipeline, emphasizing its commitment to safeguarding intellectual property and fueling the growth of its innovative healthcare solutions.

The patent application includes data derived from extensive scientific research and significant advancements in the development of CCX0722. By employing novel amino acid-based cross-linkers, a series of water-absorbent polymeric networks, known as superabsorbent hydrogels (SAHs), has emerged as promising candidates for weight management and obesity. These SAHs achieve a swelling ratio of more than 100 g/g and demonstrate significantly superior characteristics compared to current alternatives, as depicted in the graph below.

Encouraging results from these newly modified hydrogels affirm the Company's dedication to crafting novel products with enhanced activity, highlighting its expansive vision and commitment to exploring innovative pathways.

As the Company continues to advance its R&D program, it plans to file additional patent applications in order to reflect the substantial advancements in product development and help secure a prominent position in the biotechnology space.

Greg Siokas, Chief Executive Officer of Cosmos Health, stated: Research and innovation are in our DNA. Over the years, we have assembled a world-class team of scientists and established a top-tier R&D department. We are thrilled with the progress in developing CCX0722 and look forward to shaping the future of weight management solutions. These achievements reflect our team's steadfast commitment. We are also eager to continue our pioneering and trailblazing journey in the pharmaceutical sector at an even faster pace with additional exciting R&D projects in the pipeline. To this end, as previously announced, we remain dedicated to transforming our R&D division into a separate, standalone, publicly listed company, aiming to accelerate our efforts in what we believe to be a transformative catalyst for our shareholders.


Published on : 03rd December, 2023