Sunday, 16 June 2024

Larkai Healthcare raises $500k to pioneer next generation of technology in healthcare

To revolutionise the healthcare sector by bridging the gap between diagnosis and treatment

Faad Network, India's leading early-stage fund, has invested in Larkai Healthcare, a global med-tech company that provides advanced, affordable, and accessible healthcare solutions.

Larkai Healthcare secured an investment of $500,000 for the seed funding round from FAAD Network, QI Ventures, RTAF, and additional government grants.

With the infusion of funds, the company aims to pioneer the next generation of technology in healthcare and to fortify and amplify its sales verticals through strategic investments. This will serve as a catalyst for the company's mission to revolutionize healthcare accessibility and efficiency.

Founded in 2020, by Pritam Dhalla and Abhilash Chakraverty, Larkai Healthcare bridges the gap between diagnosis and treatment with its commitment to deliver instant and early diagnosis with accuracy by its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology The company aims to deploy AI in healthcare, making it accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

Abhilash Chakraverty, Co-Founder and Director, Larkai Healthcare, said, "Seizing this investment, we are poised to bridge the gap between diagnosis and treatment, leveraging our global footprint and robust intellectual assets. This fuels our vision for healthcare—transcending borders, transforming lives, and setting new benchmarks in accessibility and innovation."

Published on : 04th January, 2024