Monday, 26 February 2024

Korean startup Wellysis takes ECG monitor to US and Indian markets

Strategically established a subsidiary in Houston, Texas, through the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Laboratories (JLABS)

Digital healthcare innovator Wellysis is making waves in the global market with its revolutionary electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring solution, 'S-Patch,' securing strategic partnerships and distribution deals to propel its entry into the lucrative US and Indian markets.

South Korea-based startup Wellysis inked a significant supply agreement with a leading US provider of ECG services in November 2023, paving the way for S-Patch distribution across three important states: TexasArizona, and Louisiana, with the rollout starting in Texas.

The initial deployment of 1,000 devices in late January marks the beginning of a two-year supply commitment, solidifying Wellysis's presence in the world's largest ECG market, which holds a share of over 60% of the total market.

To fuel its US ambitions, Wellysis strategically established a subsidiary in Houston, Texas, through the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Laboratories (JLABS) and continues to forge partnerships for further expansion beyond the central region.

Additionally, Wellysis has partnered with Dozee, a prominent bed monitoring solutions provider based in India, in October 2023. Following a successful product launch event in New Delhi, Wellysis is poised to integrate and supply S-Patch devices to 50,000 of Dozee's hospital beds starting in January.


Published on : 29th January, 2024