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Technology Development Board (TDB) supports Salcit Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Innovation and Growth for Salcit Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

M/s Salcit Technologies pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad has developed a patented Swaasa Al platform, which is a Point-of-care technology to assess user's respiratory condition.. The platform analyzes cough signals, provide an assessment using proprietary ML and AI algorithms. The platform identifies underlying respiratory condition (yes/no), the pattern (obstructive, restrictive, mixed or normal) and its severity. It uses cough analysis as an additional factor in the risk. assessment. Subject to coughing into the mobile application kAs, send cough sound and symptom data to Al platform Swaasa for analysis. The platform receive inputs from mobile or web client, process the data and returns the prediction and detailed analytics as output.

The core technology has been enhanced to provide risk assessment for COVID-19. This can be used as an auxiliary to Rapid Test. The technology enables direct read into lung assessment backed by a clinical validation. This platform is Sound enough to achieve this functionality without the constraints of cost, location, scheduling, special equipment, and trained personnel.
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Published on : 09th October, 2023