Sunday, 16 June 2024

Technology Development Board (TDB) supports IATOME Electric India Private Limited., Coimbatore., Tamil Nadu

Comprehensive Power Electronics Solutions for Global Industries

Iatome Electric provides Power Electronics Engineering & Design Solutions to Customers Worldwide. We are specialised in X-Ray Generators, High Voltage Power Supplies and Customised Power Conversion Equipment. Iatome Electric manufacturers and markets the ALERIO brand x-ray  equipment. Iatome Electric manufactures X-Ray Generators and Integrated Tube Heads for medical and industrial imaging applications. All our designs are contemporary and use high frequency switching techniques.

Iatome Electric specialises in research, design and manufacturing of Precision high voltage power supplies  customised to specific scientific or industrial applications. Our designs use either solid, liquid or a composite insulation technique. These power supplies and have remote programming, control and monitoring features. Iatome Electric can provide solution & offer manufacturing services for your specific power conversion requirements. We have experience and capacity to design and manufacture switched mode power converters and associated controls up to 35kW continuous rating.

With a strong in-house team capable of analog and digital designs, pcb designs, mechanical designs, prototyping and testing we offer consultation on design, prototyping or testing of power conversion products. Currently we cater to a wide spectrum of customers worldwide.

Published on : 10th October, 2023