Monday, 26 February 2024

M/s Thincr Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, Pune

Medzome Life Sciencez Private Limited has been forward-thinking, envisioning the rapid evolution of automation, robotics, and 3D printing technologies.

Right from inception of our company, we envisaged the future of increasing innovations in the field of automation, robotics and 3D-printing. The field is developing at immense pace. Our company is consistently working in this field. The products developed by us (mentioned above) in this area, that too within a short span, shows our presence and expertise in this emerging field. In view of future scope, we wish to spread the knowledge and awareness about this field among the student and contribute in developing the right skill set for their future and for the future of “New India”. With respect to this we have prepared a plan to develop and run the “Technology learning lab” (Thincr Tinkering Labs) for the benefit of student with the collaboration of various school.   The key objective of setting-up these lab is to build relevant skill set among school students and provide access to technology to create innovative solutions of social impact.  

We devotedly worked on various new innovative products such as Home Automation system, 3D-Printers, Automatic Dispenser, Automatic Elevated Plus Maze system. Among these 3D-Thincr is the project on 3D printing technology and is of our most interest, We have build our own FDM type 3D printers. Our core objective of working on our 3D-Thincr project is to develop 3D printers for pharmaceutical applications and to develop new 3D printed pharmaceutical formulations. We worked on 3D printing filaments  of some of the medicaments (e.g. Amlodipine, telmisartan and Dextromethorphan) and its 3D printed formulations. Recently developed masks coated with virucidal agents. The project recieved financial assistance under COVID 19 scheme from Technology Development Board, DST Govt of India. 

Published on : 10th October, 2023