Monday, 26 February 2024

M/s QuNu Labs Private Ltd., Bangalore

QNu Labs: Pioneering Quantum Security Solutions in India

QNu Labs is a manifestation of founder’s passion and belief to build a globally recognized real deep tech product company in India. After having done several firsts in India and globally, the core team felt the need to develop next generation security solutions that would leverage the power of a different world, a quantum world to address cyber security problems of classical computing world. Our team consists of passionate people with diverse skills in Quantum Physics, Quantum Security, Cybersecurity, Optoelectronics, Laser technology and high precision electronics. We achieved the momentous milestone of becoming India’s first and the only Quantum Cryptography company and put India on the prestigious quantum map of the world.

Quantum computers pose a threat to classical encryption methods and infrastructure security, entropy starvation allows for stealthy eavesdropping, and publicly exposed channels increase risk for critical information exchanges. Proper measures must be taken to protect against these security risks.

Classical encryption methods are vulnerable to attacks by quantum computers, making the development of quantum-resistant technologies necessary. To protect against these threats, secure communication methods that can withstand quantum attacks are required. Quantum mechanics provides various methods for protecting data from current and future attacks, including generation of ontic randomness, symmetric key distribution, key management, quantum authentication, and direct secure communication.

Quantum technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries and fields, including cybersecurity, by offering unprecedented levels of security due to the fundamental properties of quantum systems. QNu's range of quantum-based products covers security from end to end across the entire data-based paraphernalia. From quantum-based encryptions to entropy enhancement services, QNu covers all security bases.

Published on : 10th October, 2023