Sunday, 16 June 2024

M/s Skanray Technologies, Mysore

Skanray Technologies: Innovating Healthcare with High-Frequency X-ray Generators and Advanced Medical Devices

The project involves industrialization of high frequency (HF) X-ray generator and state-of the-art ECG acquisition technology developed indigenously. The company has developed this technology using state-of-the-art semiconductors which will enable 60% cost reduction of HF Generators. The company is also working on other products (ECG, vital sign monitors, defibrillators and ultrasound) for healthcare with the aim of making health care affordable for the masses. M/s Skanray Technologies is planning to develop the full range of X-ray generators which reduces the radiation to extremely low level without use of excessive lead to shield. High frequency generators developed by the company are capable of generating very stable X-rays which can be precisely controlled and pulsed for reducing patient dose.

Conventional X-ray generators are made using a simple low frequency transformer and rectifier for boosting the line voltage. This is applied to the X-ray tube directly which gives useful X-rays during the peak of the input voltage. This method gives a lot of unwanted radiation to the patient. Also, the soft radiation results in inferior image quality. The low frequency X-ray generators are bulky and draw very high peak current from the line. This is not in use in developed countries. To overcome above difficulties, high frequency X-ray technology is being used in advanced countries as a substitute. High frequency X-ray generators are mostly imported in India which are very expensive and are not affordable for primary health care.

Published on : 10th October, 2023