Saturday, 13 July 2024

AXA partners with Prosper Health to expand "Healthcare and Wellness Ecosystem" in China

First global insurer in Hong Kong to collaborate with Prosper Health, providing seamless cross-border healthcare services

AXA Hong Kong and Macau announced a partnership with Prosper Health, a health insurance service provider under the New Frontier Group, to advance the "Healthcare and Wellness Ecosystem" in both mainland China and Hong Kong. This partnership leverages Prosper Health's extensive medical network and exceptional healthcare services in mainland China, with the goal of enhancing cross-border medical services for AXA customers. Following the expansion of inaugural outpatient clinic services in mainland China last year, this collaboration underscores the shared commitment of both parties to deliver superior, customer-centric healthcare services that are of high quality and hassle-free. It also represents a significant milestone for AXA in expanding its healthcare network in mainland China.

Since the reopening of border between China and Hong Kong, there has been a substantial increase in demand for cross-border medical services between mainland China and Hong Kong, such as preventive health check-ups, primary outpatient care, and major surgeries. The trend of seeking affordable yet high-quality medical services across borders has become prominent. In response to these market dynamics, AXA has taken proactive steps to cater to the evolving demands. The collaboration with Prosper Health significantly strengthens AXA's hospital network in mainland China, enabling diverse cross-border medical services, spanning from outpatient and inpatient to specialised medical care, for Hong Kong residents who either work in or frequently travel to mainland China.

This seamless approach ensures that customers receive timely and uninterrupted medical services when needed. Additionally, customers can access 24/7 support through a dedicated hotline in both Chinese and English. This end-to-end approach offers a personalised healthcare experience, creating attentive support for customers throughout their healthcare journey.

Emily Li, Chief Employee Benefits and Wellness Officer at AXA, said, " At AXA, we prioritise delivering diverse and high-quality healthcare services to our customers by staying attuned to market trends. Since the complete reopening of borders, there has been a rapid wave in both northbound and southbound cross-border travel, resulting in a continuous increase in cross-border consumption, not only in travel and shopping but also in driving the demand for cross-border healthcare services and improved quality. 

Kevin Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO at Prosper Healthsaid, "Prosper Health boasts highly experienced teams with over 20 years of expertise in the healthcare and insurance market in mainland China. In addition to our primary focus on delivering high-quality healthcare services, we are committed to building strong collaborations with various institutions to enhance the synergy of healthcare services and resources. This aligns well with AXA's purpose of providing outstanding healthcare services to its customers. 

Through this partnership, AXA and Prosper Health are poised to accelerate the cross-border "Healthcare and Wellness Ecosystem". Together, we will shape a future where healthcare is easily accessible and of exceptional services, promoting overall well-being in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and mainland China, aligning with AXA's purpose to "act for human progress by protecting what matters".

Published on : 02nd May, 2024