Friday, 08 December 2023

Amaterasu Lifesciences LLP

Amaterasu is a R&D based pharmaceutical and OTC company endeavoring to build value by developing specialized drug delivery platforms to fulfill unmet clinical, patient and consumer needs. We specialize in innovative topical and injection drug delivery technologies.

Name – Amaterasu Lifesciences LLP
Inception – Dec 2016
Location - Mumbai
Domain – Pharmaceutical and OTC
Founders – Maharukh Rustomjee
Total team strength - 19
Total funds raised - 0
Investors – None (Self-funded)
Revenue generated since inception - NA


Key highlights -

In span of 5 years Amaterasu identified, developed, patented and commercialized two unique first of its kind products in Indian skincare segment. These two addresses unmet needs in prevention of chafing and bedsores. We also developed and launched unique silicone-based diaper rash formulas that not only treat but also prevent diaper rashes in adults or babies. Inclusion of safe and effective natural oils with supporting evidence make these very unique.

In pharmaceutical segment we developed, patented and established proof of concept for treatment of malaria using single dose injection. Once commercialized this would radically change the way malaria is treated globally and improve therapy outcomes by reducing relapse and protecting patients from severe malaria, these open up huge commercial opportunity for Amaterasu. We have been approved by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) under its Biotechnology Innovation Grant (BIG) funding scheme to support start-ups for the single dose anti-malaria injection. We have been confirmed financial grant of Rs. 50 lacs to take this project to preclinical studies in the pathway towards its commercialization.

In neuro-psychiatry segment we are close to establishing proof of concept for once-a-month depot injection for treatment of Alzheimer Disease.This monthly depot injection improves
patient compliance thereby improves efficacy. This will not only be a significant step forward in Alzheimer’s treatment but will provide huge benefit to care-givers. This again is first of its kind in
global pharmaceutical market and patent has been filed to protect our innovation. We are working toward filing IND (new product) with US FDA for its commercialization in US market.

Amaterasu has been recognized as start-up and has been provided with tax sops in innovation category by govt. of India.


Founder Speaks-

In the 90s I was at the peak of my career working in the R&D space for a pharma giant when I realized that I wanted to contribute more to that field. I was part of the core team that successfully established R&D as a profit center for carrying out research for other markets and subsidiaries. This experience led I leaving my comfortable job in 1998 and set up my first
company, Rubicon Research Private Limited that went on to become one of India’s pioneering contract research and drug delivery company. I exited Rubicon in 2016 and launched my
second company - Amaterasu Lifesciences LLP.

The challenges were different while running both the companies. When I set up Rubicon, people did not understand the concept of research as a business. It took us countless trips to banks and a whole year to get our first loan. Another challenge was getting and retaining skilled talent in the initial years. But we learnt to identify innovative recruitment and retention techniques, built the team with correct values and mindset that would support science and innovation.

At Amaterasu, the challenges are different. For a start getting people with the set of competencies for innovative research and marketing was a challenge. We accepted the challenge and started building new categories, anti-chafing or anti-bedsore in consumer space.

Innovation plays a key role in every product development process. Before Amaterasu was launched, I went back to my alma mater, the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), and spent time with the professors and PhD students. And then we decided to collaborate with the institute, so that the research finds use and generate money too. This helped commercialize two product range, three in pipeline and three patents already filed.

Published on : 29th September, 2022