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Revolutionising diabetes care in India through AI: Deciphering Health India Pvt Ltd

Revolutionising diabetes care in India through AI

Inception- 2014

Location- New Delhi

Domain- Healthcare

Founders- Niteesh Choudhry, Mridul Mehta and CJ Swamy

Total team strength- NA

Total funds raised- Rs 20 crore

Investors- Venture Highway, Global Funders Capital, Alto Partners, Better Capital, Singh Capital, Giri Malpani and other angels

Revenue generated since inception- NA

 Key highlights-

  • Its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution utilizes first-of-its-kind phenotyping and nutritional databases to enable personalized recommendations for diabetes management
  • Provides an AI-led real time 24/7 self-care navigator to recommend food, activity, and other self-care choices critical to the health of diabetic patients
  • Conducting Asia’s largest phenotype study with over 1000 patients simultaneously running across 14 cities.  This study is the largest study ever in India and Asia as well as the second largest study ever attempted globally. The study will highlight interesting and unique data about diabetes in India as well as provide insights about how Indians need to be treated for diabetes

Founder Speaks

"The pandemic has taught us that to ensure the economic and social well-being of our country, we need to have a well-functioning healthcare system and a healthy population. This makes scaling up India’s healthcare system a top priority, which means that the focus should now be more on preventive care, and not just treatment, as well as using evidence and data to accelerate tech innovation in the healthcare space.  Using technology to gather and make data more accessible and usable is one of the biggest changes and shifts within the Indian healthcare system. We believe the GOI has made some great strides in enabling the development of healthcare solutions as well as supporting initiatives across health records and care management solutions such as Decipher. We look forward to supporting the healthcare ecosystem in India and potentially working with the GOI to help implement better solutions that can help patients gain real-time insights and maintain good health-related behavior in the long term. We believe in the notion of “Healthy People, Happy Nation” and will do all we can to support that."

- Mridul Mehta, Co-founder, Decipher Health, New Delhi

Published on : 07th September, 2022