Monday, 26 February 2024

GOQii announces trial phase of non-invasive diabetic risk monitoring system

GOQii SugarWise serves as a valuable early risk assessment and screening tool

Image Source : Shutterstock

Image Source : Shutterstock

GOQii, a leading smart preventive healthcare company based in Mumbai, has announced the trial phase of ‘GOQii SugarWise’, its cutting-edge non-invasive innovative diabetic risk monitoring system. The trial of the innovative solution in early diabetes risk detection will be conducted in partnership with a leading Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) in order to validate its effectiveness.

GOQii SugarWise is designed with a goal to empower users to take proactive measures to prevent or manage diabetes more effectively. While it is not a replacement for traditional invasive blood glucose measuring devices, GOQii SugarWise serves as a valuable early risk assessment and screening tool. By promoting awareness and empowering individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle, the technology aims to reduce the burden of diabetes globally.

SugarWise will be integrated within the Smart Vital 2.0 device which comes with ECG, Body Temperature, SpO2 , Heart Rate, Fitness Tracker. Sugarwise is an non-invasive method of getting an indication whether your sugar levels are in range, above range or below range. If it is sustainably above or below range; it means that you will need to take medical advice.

In the event of a successful trial phase and the gathering of clinical results, GOQii plans to implement the SugarWise system on a wider scale. 

Published on : 05th May, 2023