Sunday, 16 June 2024

Microbiome company Leucine Rich Bio inaugurates gut health clinic in Bengaluru

Clinic offers its patients to experience advanced next-generation technology

South Asia’s pioneering microbiome company Leucine Rich Bio, a recipient of the National Startup Award 2021 in the “health and wellness” category, has inaugurated one-of-a-kind gut health clinic in Bengaluru.

The event witnessed the participation of doctors (MBBS, naturopathy), nutritionists, researchers, founders, CEOs and wellness enthusiasts. With the clinic and lab on the same premises, patients can gain an understanding of the workings of the unique next-generation sequencing based gut microbiome test.

At Leucine Rich Bio, an in-depth analysis of patients’ gut microbiome or the microorganisms present inside the human gut is done. The clinic will be using cutting-edge technology-enabled products like BugSpeaks (microbiome test), RychBiome (Indian data-based nutraceuticals), and other tests like urine metabolite tests and other products known to improve gut health and wellness. The clinic will provide effective consultation to patients through experienced doctors and nutritionists.

With a rich collection of the world’s largest gut microbiome shotgun metagenomics data, Leucine Rich Bio is about to set a potential gold standard for evaluating the gut health of a person. 

The team of scientists at Leucine Rich Bio will train a set of healthcare professionals with their understanding of health and wellness. Subsequently, the company will be opening fifteen more clinics pan India by 2025 to work on improving gut health across the country.


Published on : 07th September, 2023