Monday, 26 February 2024

India’s first vegan fish feed launched in Global Bio India 2023: Ready-to- sale and support healthy aquaculture worldwide

Revolutionizing Aquaculture: Global Bio India 2023 Unveils India's First Vegan Fish Feed - A Ready-to-Sale Solution Supporting Healthy Aquaculture Worldwide

On December 6th, in New Delhi, India, the Government of India unveiled a groundbreaking product during the Global Bio-India 2023 event - “Bio Guru 3F Pro: Bio-fermented Fish Feed.” This innovative vegan fish feed, created by Translational Research and Innovations at BSC BioNEST Bioincubator in Faridabad, marks India's debut in cruelty-free aquaculture support.

Dr. Alok Adhoelya, the Founder and CEO, presented Bio Guru 3F Pro as a revolutionary advancement in the aquaculture industry. This vegan fish feed boasts an organic composition, probiotic bacteria content, and properties that enhance immunity and productivity. Dr. Adhoelya emphasized its unique features, positioning Bio Guru 3F Pro as an essential choice for global aquaculture.

The Founder and CEO also shared the mission of  Translational Research and Innovations to transform agriculture through cutting-edge products that elevate crop productivity and animal nutrition. This launch aligns with the Government of India & MAKE IN INDIA initiative, reinforcing the commitment to strengthen the Indian economy by introducing this aquafeed to global markets.

Published on : 07th December, 2023