Monday, 26 February 2024

Genefitletics launches India's first microbiome driven model to predict cardiovascular diseases

VASCOMATH evaluates molecular mechanisms to predict onset & progression of cardiovascular diseases

Genefitletics, which envisions placing chronic diseases in history books, not in lives of current & future generations, has launched VASCOMATH - India’s first microbiome driven human biology model to predict cardiovascular diseases based on gut & oral microbiome gene expression.

With the endeavour to predict & early detect chronic diseases & provide interventions that can eliminate molecules involved in disease or infection using nutrition as medicine so that disease do not even develop, VASCOMATH is the perfect addition to its suite of predictive human biology models. The company launched its type 2 diabetes prediction model- PREDIGLYM couple of months back.

Founded in 2019, New Delhi-based startup Genefitletics has developed India’s first system biology- PROTEBA  that measures chemistry at molecular level & analyses it using machine learning to provide disease modifying nutrition therapeutics interventions in order to restore human health.

Sushant Kumar, Founder & CEO- Genefitletics quotes “The current industrial healthcare system, instead of determining the underlying cause of cardiovascular disease, adopts a pharmaceutical approach to suppress cholesterol which is counter intuitive since our body needs cholesterol to perform various biological functions including making Vitamin D,Bile acid & various hormones. Missing piece in the heart puzzle is the long ignored aspect- MICROBIOME, the first inhabitant on planet earth."


Published on : 11th December, 2023